Transport and delivery


Information on delivery of the parcel

We inform you about the shipment at least one day before delivery. Usually, this is done by telephone in which the customer confirms or refuses to accept it. In the event of a refusal, a new delivery date is set by our employee.

Individual valuation of transport

When ordering furniture assembled (some wooden furniture, veneered) transport is carried out by our company transport. In this case, the price for the logistics service is determined individually.

We do not carry shipments heavier than 30 kg

In accordance with applicable law, an employee of a logistics operator is required to bring a package up to a maximum weight of 30 kg. If your packages are heavier, they will not be brought. Additional services in this area are also not provided.

Prices of several pieces

We do not always add the price for each subsequent package. Due to the small dimensions of the packages (furniture for self-assembly), it is possible to reduce transport costs.

Procedures of receipt of the parcel:

An employee of a logistic operator or our employee is obliged to deliver goods from the car, there is no obligation to bring him to the customer's home.

During receipt, make sure that the packaging does not contain any mechanical damage.

At the time of discovery of any inconsistencies, eg damage to the packaging of the shipment, sign the bill of lading with the annotation "damaged packaging". Then unpack the parcel and check if the contents are not damaged in the presence of the courier. If you find any damage to the elements, complete the damage report with the employee. Only the damage report completed on delivery will be the basis for further claims.

Check the contents of the shipment for compliance with the order (eg, color, number of items / blocks), inform us immediately about any nonconformities.

If after receipt of the shipment you find defects, damages, incompatibilities, file a complaint via our website: Complaint form.

Remember that when you sign the collection document, you are liable for damage to the sold item.